Binding Financial Agreements

A binding financial agreement such as a prenuptial agreement (prenup), is a contract that affects how your assets and finances are dispersed should a marriage or relationship breakdown. We know this isn’t the most romantic thing to herald an important part in a relationship, but a binding financial agreement is a promising assurance for anyone.

Laymens Lawyers can help people in a relationship, marriage or even those that have since ended their relationship develop a comprehensive, and fair, prenuptial agreement. Accessing A Sydney family lawyer from Laymens for any binding financial agreement, including a prenup is important because if the agreement has not been made legally, with a certificate from a lawyer stating that the parties have received proper advice, then it is not binding and will be dismissed. If so then it is left up to the family court to decide the division of assets. That’s why it is best to access Laymens family lawyers for sound and binding legal services.

Child Adoption

For Laymens Lawyers the adoption of a child requires the most attentive and comprehensive legal services possible so that the interests of not just our clients are considered, but also the interests of the child. Our experienced family lawyers will guide you through the rigorous process of child adoption helping you to communicate your capabilities to the Supreme Court to inherit the legal responsibilities and rights of a child.

There are multiple forms of adoption, each with their own specific procedural requirements. A formal adoption process will often require applicants to provide extended detail about themselves and their living situation to find out if they are suitable. You can use Laymens Lawyers to help gather, detail and provide information about your assets, health status, liabilities, commitments and whatever else is necessary to prove that you are a suitable to adopt a child.

Child Support

Despite the separation of two adults it is still up to each adult to financially care for any children they may have. Child support is the monetary support provided by a parent to the other parent or carer in order to support a child or children.

Laymens family lawyers can help establish the proper arrangements so that the financial, emotional and physical needs of a child are catered for. The two parents can make private agreements, but more commonly the decision as to the specific details of child support are left up to the Child Support Agency.

Laymens Lawyers provide expert advice and assistance to our clients, with the children's interests also in mind. We can assist in the establishment of any private child support agreements, aid in the dealings with the Child Support Agency and make sure the rights of your child are protected.

De-Facto Relationships

For people in a de-facto relationship, the rights and obligations they hold to someone else may not be completely clear. A de-facto relationship is when a couple lives together on a domestic basis. These people have the same responsibilities as any married couple, and therefore it is important that they know how this affects their commitment to children, any property assets and financial responsibilities.

A court ruling on the status of a relationship will take into account the length of the relationship, whether it’s a sexual relationship, the residence they reside in, the financial involvement and more before making a decision about the validity of a de-facto relationship.

Laymens family lawyers understand that each relationship is individual and takes the time to communicate that to the courts. Taking the time to understand our clients allows us to move forward with their best interests in mind.

Domestic Violence & AVOs

For a lot of people domestic violence isn’t an issue, but for some, it is a real and harrowing reality that may have them fearing for their life.

Domestic violence can take many different forms and have either a detrimental physical, mental or emotional effect on its recipients. In a family, this can even extend to those surrounded by the violence, such as children.

Laymens Lawyers are a team of expert Sydney family lawyers that can provide the necessary legal advice so that you can protect yourself against domestic violence. This can be done through the legal pursuit of Apprehended Violence Orders, including Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders and Apprehended Personal Violence Orders. Laymens Sydney divorce lawyers also work for the affected parties in a family setting helping with the file for divorce and custody of children.

Parenting Arrangements

When it comes to a parenting agreement, the main concern is always the child for Laymens Lawyers. Following a separation, there are many things parents need to consider in order to maintain the wellbeing of their child. Informal parenting agreements can be made which are legally binding with the purpose of supporting the continued development, security and happiness of a child.

Laymens Sydney family lawyers can negotiate agreements on your behalf and also work with you to make sure these agreements are honoured in the future. It is also our goal to minimise the strain on a child the lead-up and formation of one of these agreements might have.

Property Settlements

The splitting of assets can often be an unruly affair and leave people feeling cheated or wronged. Fortunately, Laymens Lawyers is always working for our clients so that the division of any financial or property assets and liabilities is done with their best interest in mind and fairly.

We work tirelessly to make certain that a property settlement is met as quickly and easily as possible, while also considering the complexities of each case. Ideally, we aim to settle any disputes through mediation and negotiation. We will only take the division of property to the courts if absolutely necessary. But, the only interaction our family lawyers would like you to have with the courts is for them to make a property settlement legally binding.

Separation & Divorce

Separation & Divorce is unfortunate but often necessary. What’s even more unfortunate is that often a separation or divorce can turn ugly as disagreements occur.

Separations refer to when one or both of the parties in a relationship no longer consider themselves to be partners, with no possibility of reconciliation or getting back together. A divorce is the legal end of marriage, involving one or both parties filing for a divorce.

When a separation occurs, the parties may pursue a financial settlement. Laymens Sydney divorce lawyers help negotiate these settlements working towards an agreement that has our clients satisfied.

Divorces can be a lot more complicated than the settlement between an unmarried couple. Laymens divorce lawyers can help clients file for divorce and guide them through the ensuing divorce process. We work to make the entire process as smooth as possible, aiming to avoid the courts entirely.