Domestic violence and different types of abuse are a severe reality for some relationships. Unfortunately for many, this abuse only escalates as the relationship, married or de-facto, begins to break down. As a victim of domestic violence or abuse, it's important to seek help or assistance as soon as possible.

At Laymens, our family lawyers are always here to help you. We clearly understand the legislation surrounding domestic violence. Let our expertise help give you piece of mind as the tools we use will provide relief and most of all protection for any victims of domestic violence. There are various forms of Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO's) which we can help you apply for and obtain. We give particular advice on the type of AVO most suited to your situation.

Our experienced lawyers are non-threatening and non-judgmental. We are willing and able to help you navigate through the process objectively and professionally.

Similarly, if an unfounded allegation of abuse or domestic violence has been made against you, then Laymens Lawyers can assist. Our expert family lawyers can provide advice regarding your legal options, helping you to defend against these allegations.

For more information on Domestic Violence & AVOs, please contact Laymens on Free Call 1800 529 636.