Separation and Divorce is an extremely stressful time for individuals and families. Therefore, it is always an appropriate course of action to seek out legal advice immediately. The sooner you understand your rights and responsibilities the better.

Laymens guides you through the divorce process by providing advice on your legal eligibility for divorce, whether mediation or counseling services are necessary, and the legal rights of each individual if the divorce should proceed. It's also our duty to provide advice on the rights of any children in a divorce. We aim to minimise the emotional stress a divorce may have on a child as much as possible.

What many people fail to realise is that divorce does not automatically mean that either you or your partner are required to attend court. In fact, we do everything in our power to ensure it doesn’t. At Laymens our aim is to finalise your separation without the need to go to court but at the same time ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and equitably.

For more information on Separation & Divorce, please contact Laymens on Free Call 1800 529 636.