Immigration law can be difficult to understand. Especially for people from a diverse range of countries, nationalities and languages. Laymens Lawyers aims to put all this information into context for you. We work tirelessly for our clients, using our unique expertise and experience with all facets of immigration law to service your interests.

For anyone wanting to secure the right to live, work or operate a business in Australia, there is a multitude of hurdles to overcome first. Without the assistance of a registered migration agent, the road to securing an appropriate visa can be long, arduous and not always successful.

At Laymens, we have a dedicated migration team of registered migration agents who are also qualified and experienced lawyers, enabling us to offer clients a complete legal service. Our team has the knowledge, skills and experience to guide applicants through all migration-related matters.

Laymens dedicated migration team of qualified lawyers can offer clients a comprehensive legal service. Guiding clients through immigration law is our top priority as we have a duty to make sure you understand the legal process. We refuse to get caught up in legal jargon with our clients, focussing only on a transparent and helpful service.

Laymens Lawyers offer multiple immigration law services to the people of Australia, residents of Sydney and those living abroad looking for the right representation and advice.

Business Migration

Australia is always looking for people overseas to provide specific business and employment opportunities. As lawyers, we help you navigate any visa proposal to live, work and establish your business in Australia. You may also be looking to set up an office in Australia or purchase an Australian business.

It’s important to have a clearly structured strategy when entering the Australian business sector. Laymens Lawyers is here to help you negotiate legal requirements during this migration and get your business established in this country. To qualify for permanent residency, you must have held a Business innovation and investment visa at some time.

Employer Sponsored Migration

The “right person for the job” is sometimes hard to find. The person you need to fill a role may not even live in Australia. Businesses are now able to source skilled workers from overseas if that’s the case, on either a short or long-term basis.

Employer Sponsored Visas are for employers who are looking to fill a position in their Australian business with an overseas skilled worker on either a short or long-term basis.

Several options are available to employers seeking to obtain a visa for this purpose.

General Skilled Migration

Are you a skilled worker looking to come to Australia to find a job, but don’t have a nominated business willing to sponsor your migration. Australia's General Skilled Migration (GSM) offers visa opportunities to highly skilled workers who meet the set guidelines.

Skilled Migration visas are only granted to those who have been invited by the Department of Immigration. Once this happens, Laymens Lawyers is ready to coordinate your GSM application and make sure that you receive the best written and verbal advice, information and guidance from the best General Skilled Migration Lawyers Sydney has to offer.

Specialist Entry Migration

A small number of entry visas are allocated by the Australian Government to people in certain professions that are not considered to qualify for a work visa. In this case, Laymens Lawyers is happy to help orchestrate an Australian entry visa for people of a certain profession, possessing a certain talent or for leaders in a particular field.

Laymens can provide an Australian migration expert and qualified lawyer to help coordinate your entry visa. Immigration entry will depend on whether the individual has been sponsored by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organisation.

Family Migration

Laymens Lawyers provides family visas to various family members, including parents, children partners and more. A Laymens family immigration lawyer will help you organise and lodge your application for family visas.

A permanent Australian citizen or resident should look to Laymens for immigration law advice and action that will bring their loved ones to Australia. As experts in immigration law, you’ll receive advice that’s clear about the likeliness of an application's success.

At Laymens you'll be given a qualified immigration and family lawyer. That means you’ll have access to a lawyer skilled in both disciplines, who provides the best in family immigration law.

Student Migration

Are you a student considering studying in Australia? Look to Laymens Lawyers for your Australian student visa. With guidance from our migration experts, we can help you liaise with your chosen education institution, giving you the direction needed to study in Australia.

Laymens helps its clients navigate the student visa conditions, going over the student visa requirements in fine detail. We help you develop your student visa application and then take you through the subsequent process involved in adhering to your education visa.

Student visas are also available to guardians of students looking to study in Australia who are under the age of 18, although there are added conditions.

Visitor Migration

Looking to gain a visa to visit Australia. Laymens Lawyers provide immigration visa services for people looking to travel to Sydney and the rest of Australia. Getting your travel visa or tourist visa can be initiated through Laymens Lawyers who happily encourage people to visit Australia.

Whether your purpose is travel, business or to visit family, Laymens helps you get your application in order so you can enjoy our country. A visitor visa application approval will depend on the country you are applying from. Laymens will coordinate the process of their client's visa application and make sure everything's in order so you can enjoy Australia.

Protection, Refugee & Humanitarian Migration

Protection visas are granted to individuals who meet a strict set of requirements and obligations. For refugees looking to meet the criteria, as well as understand protection, refugee & humanitarian migration law, Laymens Lawyers can offer aid.

As immigration law experts we can help with the protection law visas for lawful arrivees, unlawful arrivees, those living outside Australia and any family member or person that is able to meet the Australian immigration criteria. Eligibility for an Australian visa should be discussed with Laymens Lawyers and our migration experts who will work towards providing you with protection.

Challenging Negative Decisions

Not all visa applications result in the desired outcome. This is often because an individual hasn’t filled out their application properly, or haven’t provided the necessary documents or information. That’s why Laymens Lawyer are beneficial when developing an application as they see to it that all this is provided to the Australian Government.

However, when things don’t go to plan, Laymens can help you challenge visa decision made by the department of immigration and ensure that your application is properly presented. This includes aiding clients with visa cancellations or visa refusals.

Australian Citizenship

Becoming an Australian citizen is a great achievement and something a lot of people strive towards. Laymens Lawyers want to help you get there. If you’re confused about how to become an Australian citizen, we can take you through the process and give you the best chance to become a citizen of Australia.

In order to be eligible for citizenship, you’ll have to meet set criteria. We will help give you the best chance when it’s time to assess your application. We provide our clients with transparent information and advice that improves their application to the Minister of Immigration for Australian citizenship.


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