As an individual seeking protection in Australia, the type of visa which you can apply for depends on your location and how you entered the country.

If you arrived in Australia lawfully:

  1. Protection (Permanent) (Subclass 866) Visa

If you arrived in Australia unlawfully:

  1. Protection (Temporary) (Subclass 785) Visa
  2. Safe Haven Enterprise (Subclass 790) Visa (SHEV)

If you are outside Australia:

  1. Refugee (Subclass 200) Visa
  2. In-Country Special Humanitarian (Subclass 201) Visa
  3. Global Special Humanitarian (Subclass 2020) Visa
  4. Emergency Rescue (Subclass 203) Visa
  5. Woman at Risk (Subclass 204) Visa

Whether you are inside or outside Australia, Laymens team of dedicated and experienced lawyers can assist you with the application process for protection. Simply allow us to review your claims for protection and we can advise you of the most appropriate course of action.

Refugee law is a particularly complex area of law so specialist legal advice is highly recommended.

For more information on Protection, Refugee & Humanitarian Migration, please contact Laymens on 1800 529 636.