Buying or selling a property is often a client’s biggest investment, meaning it can be quite a nervous and stressful time. At Laymens, our property practice comprises of qualified lawyers and registered licensed conveyancers dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible.

Our team also offers in-depth industry insight and knowledge of market trends. With thorough technical skills and a focus on reducing risk, our advice takes into account a client’s financial interests and capabilities.

Laymens covers many facets of property law. We represent all parties involved in property law and work to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Commercial & Industrial Leasing

People are continuously entering into commercial leases without fully understanding their rights. Laymens Lawyers helps their clients understand the complexities of lease agreements. We help both business owners and tenants exercise their rights as a commercial or industrial lessor or lessee. Laymens Lawyers takes on a diverse number of landlords and tenants in a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience in both sectors puts Laymens in the best stead to provide astute commercial and industrial leasing legal services.

Retail Leasing

Retail leasing is covered by its own unique set of laws which are important to understand, especially when drafting any agreement. Laymens Lawyers works towards developing a lasting relationship with tenants and landlords so that fair resolutions based on mutual understandings can occur. We work as mediators, treating litigation as the last resort. Although, if it is required you can rest assured that Laymens lawyers will provide comprehensive advice and action that’s in our clients best interests.

Commercial Property

When it comes to commercial property law, Laymens provides detailed and timely legal services as we understand the importance of diligent work in this area. The potential for problems to arise in property transactions is larger than most. Laymens works tirelessly to make sure that these issues are resolved, and we meet our client's desired outcome.

Residential Conveyancing

Laymens Lawyers have been providing residential conveyancing services to the people of Sydney for a number of years. We have property lawyers and licensed conveyors at your disposal who provide expertise in land exchanges from one person to another. Laymens understand this is a big decision for any party and provide an efficient and quick turnaround for residential conveyancing.

Strata Title

As Strata Title Ownership becomes an increasingly popular form of home-ownership in Australia, Laymens Lawyers is committed to understanding and acting intently on the behalf of property developers, owners corporations, management agents & committees when it comes to strata title law. Laymens lawyers have developed their expertise in Strata law as it becomes an area clients continue to enquire about. As a result, we are well versed in the field of strata title law and can provide clients with legal services that other lawyers simply can’t.

Dispute Resolution

When it comes to property there is no shortage of disputes. Our highly skilled team is well-versed in all forms of property disputes working tirelessly to reach a fair and suitable resolution for our clients. Laymens Lawyers treat the courtroom as a last resort when it comes to dispute resolution. Our experienced lawyers have developed a number of dispute resolution techniques which help to resolve disagreements in a manner that results in multiple happy parties.

Laymens long history in property law means we can provide a level of assistance that stands out. As a leading Sydney property lawyer firm we are committed to giving our clients the level of attention they deserve. This attention allows us to provide clients with ideal results in the field of property law.